Arnan and Jeanette from Floating Coconut

The Nomad Lifestyle

How Nomads spend their day

A perspective from both Arnan and Jeanette what their typical day looks like. Certain things we have to get done before we can seek out a beach or even leave the house or hotel.

Earning money online while travelling

Passive income is easy. Free money and little to no effort required. Just go online and money flows to your bank account. Right? Wrong, being a nomad is hard work and here is how we do it.

Meeting people abroad

Do we know a lot of people? Do we have a lot of friends? Is it easy to make friends abroad? You might think so. What if you're a loner.

Mother and Son nomad dynamics

The odd pair, two nomads who are mother and son. Yes Jeanette is Arnan's mother. Here's how they mnake it work and keep the fun going.

The best place to be as a nomad doesn't exist

Everyone who claims to have found the best place to live as a nomad is not a real nomad. Here's our take on why the perfect place doesn't exist.