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Read all about Mexico

Getting a Tourist Visa for Mexico

An easy to get Visa for Tourists or visitors that stay up to 6 months. Read here how the procedure works and what to expect.

Getting a Temporary Resident Visa for Mexico

For stays of up to 4 years. A Temporary Resident Visa gives you many rights and access to many of the countries facilities.

Touching base in Mexico

Some details about what to expect, safety, utilities, cave-ats and just some generally useful information for any traveller coming to Mexico.

Travelling around in Mexico

Travelling through mexico by bus and public transport. Things to look out for and what to expect.

Mexico: First Impressions

What did we think of our first month in Mexico. Our first impressions on Mexico in general and how were we were surprised.

Internet in Mexico

Everyone needs internet. Here is our experience with going online in Mexico. What do we think about on overall speed and availability.

Preparing for your long stay in Mexico

We're here for a few years, or so we hope. Every lengthy stay needs some preparation and planning. Here's what we did.

Culture and Customs from Mexico

Some of the cultural traits we noticed and what to look out for in terms of customs and tradition in Mexico.