Countries where we've visited


2019 - Present

Currently we are in Mexico and are excited to explore the country and learn more about the culture and see what's what. Our intention is to stay for a few years at least - Or as long as the country will have us and for however long we like to be here.

the Netherlands

Early 2019

A brief visit for business and practical stuff. Full of memories, disappointments and many things to think about. A stark reminder of why we left the country years ago. Read why this 'thriving' country is only good to visit for a short(ish) stay in our opinion.


Early 2019

We had never been to Italy before. It was a lifelong dream of Jeanette to visit Venice and our experiences in Rome, Florence, Pisa and Venice on our month long journey through this ancient country.


Late 2018

Lots of shopping. More shopping and great dining and many fun experiences during our short stay in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.

the Philippines

2015 - 2019

For a while we thought we found paradise. But after a while we discovered the ugly truth about this country for long term stays. Read all about our experiences, travel tips and why you should visit for a vacation once or twice. Find out about some good places to visit and how to get around in this island nation.

To the Future and Beyond

2014 - 2015

In 2014 we decided we had enough of the Netherlands. Jeanette lost her job, Arnan was financially independent enough to take care of both. We both couldn't stand the changing economic climate so we took matters into our own hands and sold all our belongings. We left the country on October 2015.