Arnan and Jeanette from Floating Coconut

About Floating Coconut

Two almost responsible nomads and their experiences in life

Here at Floating Coconut we focus on a nomadic, location independent, lifestyle. This kind of life brings many challenges and we like to share those experiences with you. We hope to inspire you, show you a different way of life and perhaps even how you can do it too.

Being location independent is the freedom to work and live from wherever you want. This lifestyle is born out of a strong desire to be the creator of your own path and to have the ability to live life on your terms.

We believe that being location independent is a better way of life for many people. Especially those that work online using just a laptop computer or those who have short term (seasonal) jobs. Not all location independent workers are digital nomads or freelancers after-all. Many of us travel around and have jobs and projects here and there. We are the laptop kind of nomad.

It is said that when you say 'location independent' most people think of 'digital nomad'. Being a digital nomad is one way to do it. But in the grand scheme of things they're location independent all the same. So yes, you could classify us as digital nomads. Or simply location indepdendent. Whatever you prefer. Personally, I, Arnan, prefer the term Nomad. I don't consider myself all that digital, even though my main source of income comes from the internet. Jeanette prefers the term Location Independent more.

On Floating Coconut it's about our lifestyle, about the countries we visit and how we went about doing so. We love gadgets and love our freedom. We have created this website to tell you about this way of life and to inspire you to become a location independent worker or digital nomad, too. It is a fun way to spend your life after-all.

We hope that Floating Coconut will provide you with useful information so you can figure out if you can be a nomad too. Many people can, it's more easy than you think. But there are a few prerequisites in order to be successful at it. We think that we can inspire you to change up your life by showing you how we did it and how, relatively, easy it is to stay afloat.

Now is the best time to become location independent

Being a Digital Nomad is an up and coming trend of the last few years. Early adoptors have gone before you and created a path of oppertunities. Many employers start to allow people to work their own hours and from everywhere as long as the project is finished on time, within budget and with excellent results. This also means, in many cases, you can choose your work environment for yourself.

The established workforce is understanding more and more that when a person works in an enjoyable environment the task at hand is often of higher quality. Where-as, say, 15 years ago managers and business owners would insist on people showing up for work and maybe even wear a tie or whatever. You're stuck in a office or cubicle. Using the internet, cloud-computing and laptops and smartphones it has become much easier to work someplace else. More and more businesses start to give their staff or contractors the responsibility they deserve by letting them work from a different location. You don't have to be a nomad to work location independent.

Many people have gone before you, discover a new view on work, work out new workflows and use the internet and recent technologies to stay connected with your manager or project leader. Now is a good time to step up and become a location independent worker!

Who we are

Arnan Headshot

Arnan de Gans

Entrepreneur, webdeveloper, nomad

Currently I'm living in Mexico and plan (or hope) to explore the country on a motorbike. Similar to what I did in the Philippines for the last few years. In 2015 I left my 9-to-5 life in Europe behind and moved on to something more interesting and rewarding.

During my adventures I have found new things to do and learned to leave behind a lot of things and habits. My life is much simpler now, but at the same time brought a whole new set of challenges.

I am a Freelance Webdeveloper and mainly create and sell advertising software for WordPress - The popular blogging platform. I maintain a few other plugins and provide various services for all of them.


Jeanette Headshot

Jeanette Slagt

Author, blogger/vlogger, location independent

My name is Jeanette, also known as "JC". I became a location independent at the age of 52. At the moment I'm working on various projects of my own. I have a blog and YouTube Channel. I also provide advice and ins-and-outs to people who want to move to a different country.

As a columnist for a large Dutch online publication I hope to change the perspective on retirement for both men and women.

Primarily I am an travel blogger and author, but am also an avid photographer. Check out my YouTube channel.


About Us

We founded a co-working space before we decided to become nomads. This gave us a closer look not only at our own lives, but also on how being location independent really works. We realised that instead of running a place where location independent people want to work we wanted to be location indepdendent ourselves.

We figured that life is too valuable to limit yourself to one place. We both had few commitments in the Netherlands and it was only a little step to wrap up the one business that kept us grounded - the co-working space. We spent nearly a year preparing for our great adventure and left the Netherlands heading for the Philippines in 2015. Off to new adventures.

Since then we have worked from many different places varying from co-working spaces to restaurants, beside pools in resorts, and even in beach bars. But also in our hotel rooms and in airport lounges. We have visited and worked in countries like The Netherlands, Malaysia, The Philippines, Italy and Mexico.